Man Accused Of Threatening To Bomb Greyhound Bus Headed To New York

And this is why I refuse to take a Greyhound bus anywhere on a holiday. I have horror stories of my own including traveling hundreds of miles with drug addicts and drunks to almost getting into a fist fight on a Greyhound. Scary stuff!

CBS New York

DALE CITY, Va. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A southern New Jersey man has been charged with threatening to bomb a Greyhound bus headed to New York Wednesday.

David Servais, 23, of Milville, N.J., was also charged with public drunkenness, abduction, possessing a synthetic marijuana substitute and being a fugitive from justice in connection with the early Wednesday morning incident on the bus headed to New York from Richmond, Va.

Police said Servais was threatening other passengers and at one point barricaded himself in the bathroom at the back of the bus. He also moved to the front at one point to prevent anyone from leaving, according to

The bus was evacuated in Dale City, Va., and all 38 passengers got out safely.

Police searched the bus for any suspicious packages, but did not find anything, reported.

Servais eventually was arrested without incident, but police were forced to close the high-occupancy…

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